Privacy Policy:

PearlsMatrimony is a safe online portal catering to matrimonial needs with top-notch services. prioritizes privacy and security because it understands just how crucial it is for you to keep your personal information safe and secure. Keeping that in mind, we have developed a privacy commitment for all our users to help you understand why we require information from you and how we utilize the information you provide us.

The server we use for transactions is the safest server, which enables us to protect all the information you provide us with along with the Cookies that we use to store your login details.

The Information We Collect:

Upon registration and through your journey with us you will be required to give us information that includes but is not restricted to first name, last name, email address, username, password for the account, fax number, and complete residential (mailing) address with telephone number, and fax number. Users who wish to use our Internet banking facilities to pay the fees, we will require you to give us additional information that may include but is not restricted to credit or debit card number, name of the account holder, card expiration date, CVV number, 3D secure pin, billing address, and tracking information in case of money order and checks. All this is private information that we do not share with anyone.

Note : All the information related to credit and debit cards is encrypted by SSL technology, which is the best encryption software. This will safeguard all your personal information and send it to us in encrypted form so that no one can steal it during the transmission.

Photograph(s), gender, height, weight, age, telephone number, income range, profession, religion, and other such information comes under the public information category, which is open for other users of the site to see. This means that other users can access this information about you and make a call about contacting you accordingly.

Please note that we also gather information indirectly and this includes your browser type as well as your IP address. Information that you provide through live chat, phone, or email is also kept private.

If we conduct any contests or surveys, we may require your contact information again. Please note that you are not obliged to participate in these events. You can opt out of them if you wish to.

What we Do with the collected Information: uses all the information provided by users to ensure the best services to them and also to ensure that all your requirements are looked after without delays. The information you provide to us also helps us give you a great personal experience with us.

The other users may access public information to make a call about contacting you while the private information is completely for the benefit of the user and is not shared with anyone. This includes indirectly gathered information as well.

Sharing the information we collect: gives you complete privacy and assures you that your personal information will not be shared with anyone whether it is an organization or an individual unless it is a legal matter and the dissipation of the information is necessary to protect you from further harm or damages. This includes all the information you provide to us via chat, messenger, and phone.

You may also note that under circumstances other than legal when Pearlsmatrimony thinks it needs to share your information with another entity, it will seek your permission first. Without your consent, your information shall not reach any other source.

Pearlsmatrimony is strictly against renting, selling, sharing, or loaning any kind of information of any user to any third party. Any and all personal information of every user is held with highest regard and security.pearlsmatrimony may use login ID and IP addresses in order to track users down under circumstances of malpractice and other illegal activities.

Every step we take is a measure to provide utmost safety to our users.

Information about the cookies

Cookies help us recognize you, make access easy for you, track your usage so that we know you are not engaging in any illegal activity, and to advertise.

If you are uncomfortable with Pearlsmatrimony using cookies to collect information you may simple use your browser settings to disallow this. You may also delete all the cookie files from your laptop or PC. However, before you do so, it is important that you understand that needs to use cookies to provide the best services and features to you. Disabling cookies will also disable certain features and services. The use of cookies also enables you to simply type the password once and let it get saved so that you don't always have to type it.

Please understand that Pearlsmatrimony can only access that information that it has sent to your computer. Cookies do NOT allow access of any other information from your computer.

Security of Photographs:

Pearlsmatrimony does not allow photographs to be copied or downloaded from the website. Furthermore, all photographs are watermarked to prevent and discourage use of photographs elsewhere. Besides this, PealrsMatrimony has taken any and all available steps to prevent misuse of photographs of its users.

Editing and Updating the Information

You have the freedom to edit, delete, or update your public and personal information as and when necessary. However, a few account-related details and financial information during a transaction cannot be changed or deleted once entered.

Kindly note that Pearls Matrimony holds the right to change, delete, or update a part or the entire privacy policy as and when it sees fit. Any material changes in the privacy policy will be brought to all users notice in a timely fashion.

In case one of our privacy policy updates licenses us to use any private information in a manner other than specified before, each user will have the choice to opt out of this. This implies that if you are not comfortable with the new policy change, you will not need to abide by it unless required by the law.

If you have further questions or queries about our privacy policy you may contact us via email at

Email Policy:

You will receive emails regularly from us in a bid to help you find your perfect match in a short span of time. Our emails include daily MatchAlert, weekly MatchAlert, special events information, newsletters, and special offers among other things.

You will be subscribed to emails by default once you register but you have the option of opting out at any point of time. You can either unsubscribe to one, two, three, or all of the email options.